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Most of us use AC’s and Refrigerators throughout the year or most of the year. AC Servicing becomes mandatory during the start of heating and cooling seasons respectively. Timely servicing ensures fresh and filtered air. While AC’s provide us with deep pleasure of comfort they also require regular maintenance. All AC and Ref must be installed along with a good quality stabilize

Our world revolves around electrical appliances. From an iron to the microwave, we can barely make it through the day without them. If something goes wrong, it’s panic !Take a days Leave,Request your Boss,Take it to the electrical shop, wait for him to fix it, and overpay! Otherwise, leave it there for a day or two only to find out you need to buy a new one! With MetroFixers, all these issues will be taken care of at your doorstep!

From geyser service to water purifier service to just about anything else, you have us coming to your rescue!

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