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Pest Control

• Pests such as mice, rats, birds, cockroaches and flies carry microbes which can cause illness if these microbes come into contact with food.

• Faeces and urine from pests such as rats and mice can contaminate food and cause illness. • Pests can damage stock
We can get rid of bed bug, rodent, and termite infestation effectively. We are also adept with flies, cockroaches, and other creepy pests that have turned your home into their abode. Our pest control service includes the use of high quality pest control equipment that’s safe and effectual at the same time.

Pests in your home are not just an annoyance, but can pose some serious health problems as well.

They can carry hundreds of diseases, cause human or pet injury, and damage your home, furniture, cabinets and belongings.

Our Pest Control technicians are highly qualified to diagnose the exact pest problem that you may have and design a program to rid your home of the problem.

Our trained service staffs know exactly how to rid your home of any pest problems.

Our pest control programs and services will get your home pest-free quickly with little or no harmful chemicals.
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Doors and windows.

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